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Tiana Sanchez helps companies recognize the value of talent and the potential risks of not developing it. She helps frontline staff, managers, leaders, emerging leaders, and students develop relevant competencies to help them perform better in their career. Every talk is delivered with integrity, focusing on achieving outcomes, significant to the participants, steering each participate in the direction to take action. Tiana has 17 years of managerial and training experience working with CEO’s and Educators alike toward a more qualified, capable and confident workforce. Learn more about Tiana Sanchez.

The Core



Are you planning a Leadership Conference or Corporate Retreat? A poignant and experiential Speaker for the 21st century student, professional and leader. Relevant subject matter expertise, one-of-a-kind, raw content.



Seeking an experienced trainer? A veteran in her industry with over 15 years experience. Talented at leading employee training programs that enhance performance and align with company goals. Soft-skills training, assessment, and facilitation.

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In a hurry and need a powerful pick-me-up to get your day started? Listen to Tiana’s No Limit Playlist of powerful life inspiring TED Talks on Career, Personal Motivation, and Courage