[Ep. 20] Revolutionize Your Bosses With These No-Brainers

Brian Barry on Must’Do’s for Bosses

How do you get from knowing to doing?

We’ve all heard of feedback but what about “Feed-forward?” It’s learning from the past and asking, “What can I do better?”

Brian Barry, President of Corporate Solutions for Dale Carnegie Corporate with over 30 years of experience in executive coaching, strategic board management and performance improvement is divulging the three must-do’s and no-brainers that MOST managers aren’t doing or aren’t doing RIGHT!

In this episode, you will find out why you must define the performance first, and the “performers” will reveal themselves. You will also walk away with nuggets to share with your team on:

  • Trust, Respect, Credibility
  • Feedback: Now that I know, what will I do?
  • Feed-Forward: Self-reflection and learning from the past
  • Attitude, Communication, Self-Awareness and Accountability

Stay hungry for knowledge my friends!!

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