[Ep 22] Legacy, Leadership, Life: The Business of YOU!

Randi Levin

Randi Levin is founder & CEO, Randi Levin Coaching. As a certified transitional life strategist, author, inspirational speaker, and reinvention expert, she coaches from the heart incorporating a “what’s next mindset” to support women in pivoting and refreshing their lives. 

In this episode, Randi passionately tells us why is the topic of legacy, leadership so important, how men and women who have led successful careers in leadership pursue their next chapter in life and how to find our “what’s next?”

Randi’s core belief is that we have the choice and the power to carve out and curate our own legacy based on embracing our ongoing reinvention! Get ready to change your story learn more about:

  • Relationship to self and others
  • Work-life balance is fluid, not concrete
  • Choices and permission 
  • Re-writing your own chapter by pivoting and resetting your goals

And the ONE question that will rock your world and have you scratching your head! 

Randi is a contributor and featured expert for Huffington Post, DivorceForce.com, Thrive Global, Identity Magazine, and a variety of national publications and podcasts. Randi is the creator of Recoloring Life Workshops as featured in The Wall Street Journal.

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