[Ep. 27] I “Wonder” Woman: Are You Confidently Competent?

10 Minutes with Tiana Sanchez

There are women that are “I Wonder” Woman — women that lack confidence and are at the intersection of humility and uncertainty.

Is there a confidence gap between men and women? Why are women less assured than men? Why do women tend to feel less deserving of a promotion?

If you are wondering (pun intended) the answers to these questions, carve out 10 minutes NOW and listen!

Tiana Sanchez is a “leadership connoisseur” with over a decade of experience that works with mature businesses in order to develop the people they lead so they can add tremendous value to the people they serve. Tiana is divulging three facts and one opinion in 10 minutes!! Listen as you will be confronted to ask yourself some tough questions. 

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