Leading the Organization comprises of a series of courses designed for Human Resources Professionals and Executives to help develop, engage and retain talent. HR and Executive Leaders need to embrace the new mix of savvy workers, elevate engagement and create a game-plan to retain valuable employees.

Courses on Talent Management, learning how to retain the best and brightest employees. Workplace Diversity and Generational Gaps courses teach what diversity is all about, and how it can help create a more diverse and dynamic workplace. Business Succession Planning will teach you how you prepare people to take on the responsibilities of leadership so that the company thrives in the transition.

Training can be delivered as a half-day session or full-day workshop. You may select from over 10 courses. This training includes an engagement survey, expert coaching and training, and 3 point “how to” strategy.

Learning Objective


Gain relevant information on people development strategies


Learn how to better engage with today’s skilled workers


Learn retention strategies that are adaptable and creative