Leading others courses is designed for managers, emerging leaders, and high performers. Leadership recognizes that it is not easy to lead and that in order to sustain a competitive advantage, managers must possess core competencies to effectively lead their teams and influence peak performance.

Tiana demonstrates how well a team functions is a direct result of effective leadership. She emphasizes that selecting a management style that is conducive to the employees learning, affords the Manager the opportunity to relate, engage and take a deeper dive into their individual development. This training includes but is not limited to courses on Leadership and Influence, Coaching and Mentoring, and Motivating Your Employees.

Training can be delivered as a half-day seminar or full-day course. This training includes a needs assessment, expert coaching and training, and skill-building activities. Through training, managers will learn to:

Learning Objective


Strengthen their leadership skills


Gain the trust of those they supervise


Positively impact the corporate culture