This one-of-a-kind presentation shatters what you think about failure and reveals the truth to common misconceptions. As we prepare for the next BIG idea, innovation or project, this introduces an unlikely approach to achieve success and gives us permission to see the opportunity in difficult times not the obstacle.

There is a misconception that failures are inherently bad, fatal to our career and counterintuitive to achieving results. Failures open up a new pathway of unexplored ideas. Those ideas would never have otherwise been explored had we not experienced the failure in the first place. It’s a paradigm shift and direct attack on our culture, a culture that does not publicly embrace its failures. From failures, we gain creative problem solving and critical thinking skills which are relevant to project management and team success.

This talk will provide insight into why few people view failures as opportunities, a necessary step toward innovation and success and how to spark a cultural change within an organization.

Learning Objectives


Improve individual effectiveness through early exposure to failure


Illuminate unforeseen problems and identify blind spots


Learn competency building strategies that leverage failures and explore new ideas