[Ep. 4] Why Millennials Don’t Want a Boss

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[Ep. 4] Why Millennials Don’t Want a Boss

Interview with Samuel Mills

Millennials will represent 40% of the workforce by 2020. If you want to have a thriving work environment, you need to get the trust of these young, ambitious, resourceful adults that are on your team. Managers are authority figures and how do young people see authority figures? Bossy? Judgemental? Quick to point out mistakes? Slow to praise? There is a new breed of workers and they are not keeping quiet. They want their voice to be heard loud and clear! This podcast is part of a 3-part Millennial Series where you will hear directly from millennials and boy, do they have a lot to say. In, <strong>Why Millennials Don’t Want a Boss</strong>, you’ll hear from Samuel, a thriving millennial. He shares the one thing bosses do that turn off millennials (this one surprised me!) He candidly addresses stereotypes and misconceptions. He talks about the 3 BIGGEST things that bosses do wrong and he has a personal message to HR and bosses everywhere! Samuel Mills is a budding internet marketing specialist who resides in the Texas Hill Country outside of San Antonio, TX with a degree in Management/Marketing and now works at Southwest Exteriors, a window and siding replacement company. Tiana Sanchez has served as Team Leader, Corporate Trainer, Business Consultant, Board Member and Speaker. As the owner of an organizational training and development practice, she works in tandem with for-profit, non-profit and educational institutions to foster a more confident and competent workforce in the new economy. She personally consults, coaches and coaches’ CEO’s, VP’s, Directors and Human Resource Executives. She speaks often at colleges and universities imparting sage advice to young adults and emerging leaders.