[Ep. 14] What to Do When Your Boss is Racist

Racism or Really Void of Common Sense…

Yes, your read correctly. My goal is to provoke a response, stir your insides, and create an awareness. So, WAKE UP!

Why is racism so persistent? What are signs or behaviors that you boss is racially biased? Prejudice? How does this negatively impact the workplace? What’s the difference between curiosity and pre-judgement? We cover this and more in this uninhibited conversation.

In this episode, we are talking with Dr. Natalie Parks who is a board certified behavior analyst and licensed psychologist.  She is a behavior change expert and has focused on working with individuals to maximize the behaviors that benefit them the most.  Natalie has worked with a variety of individuals including those with developmental disabilities to executives in large businesses.  She currently works with leaders to help them understand how their behaviors can not only move them forward to accomplishing individual goals, but also move their businesses to the next level.

Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

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