[Ep. 21] Secrets to Retaining Your Best People

Philip Kim on How to Engage and Retain

Have you ever applied for a job, went in for the interview, got the job offer and when you showed up to work the first day, the vibe was different than what you remember? That’s how it feels when companies create a false sense of culture. Saying one thing about who they are but behind closed doors, there’s a lot more going on. This is just one example of why companies fail to retain and engage TOP talent.

Associate Professor at Walsh University and Author Philip Kim dishes on this topic sharing insight from his book, Zebras and Ostriches: 5 Simple Rules to Engage and Retain Talent. No surprise that TRUST made the top of the list. What may surprise you is finding out which “rule” you may be overlooking and which rule you have forgotten entirely!

Philip is the Owner of Ideapath a consulting firm for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Catch Philip’s TEDx talks, Chase One Rabbit and The Power of Small Wins on TEDx YouTube Channel.

Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

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