[Ep. 23] The Untapped Gold Mine of Millennials That Virtually No One Knows About

Tana Session on Millennial Goldmine

Millennials can be GOLD to your bottom line if you know how they think and what they want.

Tana Session is an HR Consultant and Author that has been advocating for Millennials for years. Tana spent years in recruitment unravelling the mystique of the Millennial, which is really not that mysterious when you start to understand their basic needs.

In this episode, Tana matter-of-factly discloses what employers do wrong, not for lack of trying but for a lack of CARING. She talks openly about what matters most to Millennials. **Hint, it’s not boring compensation packages, and how to retain them.

These “digital natives” need an emotional connection and an opportunity to learn. You’ll think DIFFERENTLY after this interview, guaranteed!

Listen happily!!

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