[Ep. 29] The Principles of Human Understanding

Eric Bailey Interview

How is the illusion of certainty, the perception of reality and the power of distinction related? These interwoven topics are the result of research and practice by Eric Bailey on the Principles of Human Understanding.

If you desire a deeper understanding of the employees your lead, the team you manage or the organization you run, the Principles of Human Understanding will help you do just that.

  • Learn how to provide the distinction between the expectation and the outcome.
  • Learn how to ask the right questions when perception and reality have caused dissonance between you and your employee or you and your boss.
  • Learn how “ego” clouds our ability to listen and make informed decisions.

Eric Bailey is President of Bailey Strategic Innovation Group and creator of The Walking Meeting, a series of short videos on leadership lessons in 2 minutes. For over a decade Eric has served local government, non-profit, healthcare and finance in the areas of leadership and executive coaching, strategy alignment, and culture improvement.

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