[Ep. 32] Adulting 101: Grooming Future Leaders

Charlene Collier Interview

Go to school. Get your education. Land a decent job. And you will be set for life!

This is the all-to-common theme song of college students and college bound young adults – our future leaders.  From the first day of preschool to picking out the prom dress and tux, this “song” is constantly on repeat. But certain questions plague the young, maturing mind like:

  1. How do I get my dream job or any job for that matter?
  2. I’ve never worked before so what can I expect on my first day and after that?

It’s time to change the lyrics – Prepare. Prepare. Prepare. REPEAT!

Charlene Collier is a dominant force that advocates for young adults. She helps them understand what the job hunt is really like and how to navigate the workplace culture when they do land. Charlene is President of Capitol Consulting Group and an Instructor at UCLA Extension. She serves as a member of the Forbes Council and as a Senior HR Business Partner with Mercedes-Benz R&D North America.

Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

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