[EP 58] 10,000 Reasons to Regard Sandwich Bosses

Interview with Tracey Lawrence

Juggling all of the things that go on at work can be challenging, but what happens when you throw in the long-term care of a family member?  In this episode, we speak with Tracey Lawrence on the challenges that Sandwich Bosses can face and she gives us a few tips that help both employers and employees navigate the difficult role.

Tracey Lawrence is an author, educator, innovator, disruptor and entrepreneur. Her journey as a serial caregiver led her to create Grand Family Planning, LLC, a comprehensive multigenerational family coaching and support system. Tracey shows clients the power of being proactive in light of the certainty that illness and death will be a part of every person’s life. She saves lives and legacies in a climate which is focused on lengthening human lives without regard to quality of life. Her team-based approach simplifies a daunting and complex process. Tracey’s book, “Dementia Sucks,” was officially released by Post Hill Press on May 15th, 2018 and is available from Amazon  http://amzn.to/2Bik4YW , Barnes and Noble, and fine booksellers everywhere.

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