[EP 60] Owning Your Seat at the Table by letting the “Good Girl” Die.

Interview with Dr. Dorthy Neville

In this episode, Dr. Dorthy Neville tells us why it is importance for Women to get their seat at the table in the workplace.  She also explains The Five Archetypes of Leadership and how each role can help you build your team.

Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, is a speaker, author, coach/consultant, and founder of 4 companies. In becoming an entrepreneur, she quickly learned the necessity of developing leadership skills. As a psychotherapist for 25 yrs., a graduate faculty member, a Clinical Instructor in medical school, and the founder of two Institutes, she developed her own system of leadership training around her work with The Five Archetypes of Leadership. In helping women excel in leadership positions, Dorothy sees the need, regardless of success level, for recognizing the current fears, values, and processes present while developing the mindset and communication skills needed for success.

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