[EP 61] How is Personal Identity, Gender, and Diversity Changing the Workforce

Interview with Anita Kanti

Today’s workforce is filled with people with very diverse backgrounds, and those backgrounds are not only tied to race or nationality.  Gender is a very important topic in the todays time and Anita K is here to share with us the importance of being respectful as well as some of the struggles that some go through when it comes to their personal identity, and gender.

As both a motivational life coach and strategic talent manager, Anita K offers progressive solutions to help her clients optimize their strengths and create a pathway of success. Holding a B.S. in Marketing from USC, Anita spent 20 years in career coaching & talent acquisition. Her expertise in talent development leadership and training in motivational techniques create a unique and effective life coaching philosophy. Anita K is the life coach for TGR, a Southern California Transgender support group. Stay tuned for her new book out early 2019: “Behaving Bravely” strategies on managing life through mind shift perspectives.

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