[Ep 63] The Secrets to Sustained Business Success

Interview with Colleen Hauk

Success, Business, and Sustainability can be daunting words for today’s business owners and in our ever-changing climate, some may think that one of those topics may be left out.  One thing they have in common is that they are all attainable by retaining your top talent.  In today’s episode, Coleen Hauk gives us some insight as to why companies are finding it hard to keep top talent and she gives us a few tips on how to turn it all around.

Colleen Hauk is a speaker, co-author of the bestselling book, Women Who Ignite, a Certified Professional Success Coach and creator of YOU SO NEW ™, a program designed for successful professionals who fail to take care of their personal life.

All of this coupled with over 15 years of corporate leadership, Colleen shares her skills in a unique way to connect and empower high-performers to ‘have it all’ without losing it all.

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Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

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