[Ep 64] Unintended Consequences

Interview with Richard Franzi

Going through life, we learn that there are consequences to every action and that doesn’t stop when we enter the business world. In this episode, Richard Franzi explains how “unintended consequences” have played a role in shaping the business landscape we know today. The Key to Better Business Performance is Controlling Unintended Consequences

Richard Franzi is experienced in helping business executives to improve the quality of their decisions. He is the author of the first book ever written about the power of peer learning to improve an executive’s performance in Killing Cats Leads to Rats. He started from humble beginnings growing up in a small coal mining town, the son of a steel worker in Western Pennsylvania. He has worked with CEOs as the chair of CEO Peer Groups for the past 10 years to help them develop robust decision-making systems to avoid, reduce or mitigate the negative effects of unintended consequences on their businesses.

Richard is the host of Critical Mass Radio Show & Podcast. He and his work have been featured in national media: Forbes.com, INC.com, CNBC.com, American Express OPEN Forum, various talk shows, as well as Southern California publications: Orange County Business Journal, Orange County Register, OC Metro Minute.

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