[Ep 69] How You Can Fund Your Business Almost Instantly

Interview with Thomas Slaughter

No matter the industry, every business owner has run into the issue of finding funding and this is something that can help you develop or stop you dead in your track.  In this episode of Like a Real Boss, Thomas Slaughter shares some innovative yet SUPER simple ideas of how to secure funding that can help every business owner no matter where you are in your journey.

Thomas J. Slaughter is an Entrepreneur and Management Consultant with expertise in Organizational Leadership, Strategic Management, and Information Technology Services Management. He is the founder and Managing Partner of Strategic Intent Consulting Group, Inc. (SICG), a dynamic Business Consulting Firm that helps entrepreneurs, start-ups, small-medium size businesses, and faith-based organizations navigate through the choppy waters of doing business by helping them in the areas of Information Technology, Cyber Security, Accounting, Marketing, Management, Business Formation, and Business Strategies!

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