[Ep 73] Create a 5-7 Figure Income Stream Selling Products on Amazon

Interview with Stephen Sommers

Have you ever thought about selling products on Amazon but didn’t know where to start?  Do you have some background in sales but not sure how to REALLY sell online? In this episode of Like A Real Boss, Stephen Sommers speaks of humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar business!

Stephen is a co-founder of Marketplace SuperHeroes, an education platform that teaches members how to create a 5-7 figure income stream selling products on Amazon.

He and his business partner, Robert Rickey, are both 7-figure Amazon sellers, and serial entrepreneurs who have built Marketplace SuperHeroes, as well as a full Freight Company and Accountancy Service for Amazon sellers.

They have spoken all over the world, helping over 3,800 individuals build real, sustainable, and global businesses on Amazon selling boring, everyday items across multiple markets (not just .com!).

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