[Ep 75] How to use Storytelling to Influence and Connect with your audience!

Interview with Melissa Tong

Most people think that having a great product or service is all that you will need to attract customers, but what about you reason or “why”?  In this episode of Like a Real Boss, we sit down with expert Storyteller Mellissa Tong and she explains that having a great story is instrumental in gaining a following.

Mellissa Tong directs and produces award-winning broadcast TV commercials and digital content for Fortune 500 and B2B companies such as Nissan, Verizon, CBS, Wells Fargo, and California Department of Health, just to name a few. She successfully assists Small to Medium-sized businesses and helps them craft their stories on video. Tong has a passion for directing and producing independent feature films and documentaries. She is a sought-after Public Speaker and On-camera Coach for “How To Be A Rock Star On Camera” and “Finding, Speaking, and Marketing Your Big Why™”

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Cultivate Your People. Thrive in Business.

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