[Ep 76] Origins of an Entrepreneur: The Story of The Wolfhardt Brand

Interview with Matthew Wolfhardt

Do you have dreams of becoming an Entrepreneur but you are waiting for someone to present you with the perfect opportunity?  If your answer is yes, then tune in to this episode of Like a Real Boss where Matthew Wolfhardt tells us about the very unique way he started his brand.

Raised in Southern California, with family roots in Germany, Matthew began his career in the fashion industry in 1997 after graduating from Brooks College in Long Beach, California. It was during his time at Brooks that he developed an interest in fashion design.

He has worked in the design of young men, junior apparel, handbags, and decided to launched his own line of fine leather accessories including handbags, belts, bands, and weekenders.

Designing and producing under the WOLFHARDT label since 2004, WOLFHARDT products can be found in stores throughout the world as well as online at www.WOLFHARDT.com.

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