[Ep 77] Origins Of An Entrepreneur: The Fuller Story

Interview with Kena Fuller

With a passion forbusiness development,KenaFuller set out to build a consulting firm revered for its hands-on expertise, expansive knowledge, and award-winning services.Aligned with her education in Global Business Management, Marketing, and Small Business Enterprise, it is her 20 years of experience in business development, management, sales and marketing that provides each client with a level of professional prowess that is unsurpassed.As Executive Director of Fuller Management, Kena is adamant about client engagement andoverall customer satisfaction. Focusing in the areas of strategic planning and implementation, Kena’s clients consistently yield a sustained increase in overall revenue production, customer conversion and retention, ensuring successful business growth. Personally,managing everyclient account, it is her careful attention to detail and integrated strategy that has helped grow client revenue by more than $1.95 Million dollars each year. With a consistent focus on expanding margins, clients see consistent growth and stabilized progress, aiding in a healthy business and happy clients!

Do you love what you currently do for a living?  Kena Fuller didn’t and with the support of friends and family, she decided to branch out on her own to start her own company.  In this episode of Like a Real Boss, we sit down with Kena Fuller and she shares the hard work that she needed to put forth in the beginner to get where she is today.

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