[Ep 89] All Employees are Essential and Need Rock Solid Communication

Talk with Tiana Sanchez

“Boredom is kryptonite for high-achievers,” says CHRO of Health-Ade Kombucha, Deborah Moroz. A whopping 70% decline in engagement is happening in organizations everywhere but not at Health-Ade Kombucha. The daily emails, Zoom calls, over-communication, and video calls once a week from the CEO have helped this fast-growing company stay safe, connected, and healthy. 30 year HR veteran, Deborah Moroz, along with senior leaders and associates in the organization, practice what they preach and have the results to prove it! Tune into this episode of Like a REAL Boss and get ready to RE-THINK your communication strategy.

Deborah Moroz is the Chief HR Officer of Health-Ade LLC with a track record of success supporting organizations through change, including during times of growth, turbulence, mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures. As an expert on employee engagement, workplace culture, visions, missions, and values, Moroz has built high-performance Human Resources teams that support employer, departmental and individual goals. Moroz has served an HR expert witness in federal and state courts, and her employment law practice serves as the foundation for her emphasis on litigation prevention and compliance. As an HR consultant with over 30 years of experience, Moroz has advised 83+ employers about strategic Human Resource and culture matters.

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Tiana Sanchez is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author and CEO of a certified Women-Owned business in Southern California. For over 17 years she has served innovative companies across the U.S. and addressed top leaders in both the private and public sector. Her track record of improving employee engagement and leadership effectiveness has garnered her recognition as “Best Executive Coaching” Program by HR.Com, the largest online destination for HR professionals with over 1M subscribers worldwide, and the “Woman of Distinction” Award.  As CEO, her team provides world-class leadership programs, specialized keynote presentations, and certified training seminars. Tiana’s books F’d Up: The Upside of Failure and Undefeatable: Conquering Self-Defeat can be found on Amazon.com.

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