[Ep 121] Intentional Optimism: Keys for Personal Growth

Talk with Tiana Sanchez

We all learn our 5 senses at an early age, but did you know that there are 5 senses that you need to be successful?  In this episode of Like a Real Boss, Juli Geske-Peer explains what they are and how they can be used to be successful.

Juli Geske-Peer has spent her career honing leadership and relationship skills, and she’d be the first to say she learned many lessons the hard way. Today, as president and founder of Peer Performance Solutions, she brings those hard-won lessons to her clients—helping individuals and organizations lift performance and attain their goals.

Her passion lies in making a positive impact across the stakeholders she serves, and empowering her clients to carry that same ethos forward. She has earned formal degrees in communications (BA) and organizational leadership (MA), as well as certifications in leadership, training, coaching, and mediation.

Juli has over 20 years of successful consulting and management experience and has worked with companies ranging from local nonprofits to multinational organizations. She is also a voracious reader of thriller/suspense novels and loves being lakeside surrounded by her family.

Tiana Sanchez is an Amazon #1 Best-Selling Author and CEO of a certified Women-Owned business in Southern California. For over 17 years she has served innovative companies across the U.S. and addressed top leaders in both the private and public sector. Her track record of improving employee engagement and leadership effectiveness has garnered her recognition as “Best Executive Coaching” Program by HR.Com, the largest online destination for HR professionals with over 1M subscribers worldwide, and the “Woman of Distinction” Award.

As CEO, her team provides world-class leadership programs, specialized keynote presentations, and certified training seminars. Tiana’s books F’d Up: The Upside of Failure and Undefeatable: Conquering Self-Defeat can be found on Amazon.com.

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