Undefeatable: Conquering Self-Defeat ebook

UNDEFEATABLE is a POWERFUL book about changing your thoughts and perceptions about winning, losing, failure and determination. What matters most is how you pick yourself up and overcome the temporary set-backs in your life by not allowing those set-backs to define you. Learn how to pick yourself back up after life’s circumstances have knocked you down. One knock down doesn’t mean you call it quits and hang up the gloves for good. Learn to become a victor and not a victim. Perceived defeat is NOT defeat! 

Get encouraged, empowered and see yourself as a WINNER at all times.

F’d Up – The UPside of Failure ebook

F’d Up – The UPside of Failure provides insight into why some people view failures as opportunities, a necessary step toward success while others simply quit or have an aversion to the effort required to push through.

Did you know that failure is information that can spark ideas and enhance our overall learning and development? There is a misconception that failures are inherently bad, fatal to our career and counterproductive to achieving results. It’s a paradigm shift that requires us to have a “growth mindset” not a “fixed mindset.” These uncomfortable and often embarrassing missteps can promote creative problem-solving skills. To remove the sting associated with failure, we must first acknowledge and accept our failures and then ask the tough question – “why did I fail?”

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