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How to Win and Influence Decisions

Negotiate a win-win exchange when you don’t have authority.

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Get More by Giving More

Cultivate better workplace relationships by building “relationship equity.”

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Conversations We Avoid

How to ACE a Difficult Conversation in 3 steps!

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Battling Burnout:
My Well-Being Matters

Get clued into five strategies to promote mental health.

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Mindset Before Upset

Challenge your internal “head trash” to avoid a toxic workplace.

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Tap Into Your EQ When Stress Rises

Never overact or respond impulsively again with this one tip!

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The UPside of Failure

Boldy take reasonable risks after recovering from an unforeseen “oops!”

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Under Pressure: How to Function in a Robotic Economy

Robots don’t require salaries or sleep to function. Learn how to compete!

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Stop Thinking. Start Doing

Stop inflicting limitations. Shift from “over-thinkers to “intentional doers.”

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Time to Unleash Your Inner Champion! The “war” on equity for women demands bravery. Tiana delivers a one-of-a-kind talk that is an open letter for women to UNLEASH – set free, let loose, release – the warrior within.

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